Friday, May 11, 2007

Nightline, Finally

Nightline finally ran the news story I'm in.

The video:
is here.

The article:
is here.


haikugirl said...

Ted - congratulations! Great job! I added you to my blog - cheers, haikugirl.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Ted! You sounded very smart, but you should have said, "Flaws? I'm all about flaws! Looky here-" And then mooned the camera.

Ted Fisher said...

Shucks. It weren't nothin'.


Anonymous said...

Cool spot! (minus, of course, the annoying pre-roll ads! argh!)

My mom's new hobby is doctoring all our family photos. She's so in love with Photoshop.... Drives me nuts. It's like, "Ma, I didn't feel like smiling, okaaaay?"