Monday, March 16, 2009

Prefluence, Profluence, and Postfluence

After a tour of film festival screenings, two films by Profluence Productions have finally made their way to an listing.

Bend & Bow (2008)

Blind Faith: A Film About Seeing (2007)

If you happen to have seen them, please give them a "user rating" -- whatever rating you honestly think.

Both were made for the International Documentary Challenge, of course, and this year's entry -- "Hoop Springs Eternal" -- is off to the judges for this years competition. Since we lost three members of the Profluence team -- you know, because we're very hard to work with -- we've called this year's group Postfluence. More on that film soonish....

As well, 12th and 3rd in Brooklyn (2006), made before the Profluence team came together, is now also listed -- so, again, if you've seen it, give it a rating.

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