Sunday, April 29, 2007

News Flash

The International Documentary Challenge screening was a great time. Sold out house, 10 of the 12 finalist teams attending, enthusiastic audience, and a very good venue. The 12 films played very well together and made for an entertaining feature-length presentation, which I suspect will go out into the world and be seen again.

At the end the awards were given out, and we'll have the full list soon. Blind Faith: A Film About Seeing won "Best Soundtrack" and our pals Mary Margaret and Tamara won "Best Use of Theme" for their film Marathon Women.

As exciting as awards are, however, what was really great was that between our six-member team and the Friends of Haikugirl -- who filled the entire row in front of us -- we were able to pull off doing "the wave" during the screening.

More soon....

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