Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Rolls On

I recommend the short A Son's Sacrifice. Nicely made, the right length, and visually compelling despite how unwatchable one might expect a film about Halal slaughter might be....

A Table in Heaven is on the re-establishment of Le Cirque in New York and the complicated family relations around that process. Ultimately not four stars for this review, however, as the film depends more on admiration of celebrity clientele, not delving into the fine points of the haute cuisine experience and the mystique of fine dining. (There was no way for me to turn off the film when Donald Trump showed up, but I would have, given a choice. Which says more about Donald Trump than the film, but still....)

I stood in line for In the Shadow of the Moon near director Nathaniel Kahn, but I was too shy to ask him any questions about Two Hands, which I saw a while back (now showing here at Full Frame). Some new (and amazing) footage and fresh interviews gives Moon a lot of quality. It tells the story well, it's compelling, it's very watchable. Perhaps I'm being too harsh if I complain that it's fairly conventional. Is there anything wrong with being very straight ahead in form and style?

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