Friday, November 30, 2007

The Online Audience

The video I made for NYIP on the recent Photo Contest has passed 2,000 views. It's a strange thing: 100 views a day doesn't seem like very much, until you realize that the Internet is on and available every day, 24 hours. So the first few days, you shrug. A few hundred.

If a video keeps going, however, soon the views are in the thousands. While that won't compare to broadcast audiences, it can be a significant number of people.

So the question becomes: what's the goal? I expect the screening tonight for "12th and 3rd in Brooklyn" will be a medium-sized audience. Is that better? Worse? Just different?


Mark Schoneveld said...

Do you ever get metrics from the Frugal Traveler videos? I'm sure those vids get hundreds of thousands of views, considering their platform, no?

Ted Fisher said...

I've never seen the metrics -- but I assume they're very large. I was thinking more about those videos without a built-in audience, though -- sort of weighing out "let's put it on youtube!" versus the world of film screenings.

Verdict: screenings sometimes have free beer.

Mark Schoneveld said...

Yeah, I bet their huge. Interesting that they don't even share those numbers internally. Seems like it would provide you as co-creator valuable feedback.

You're right though. Some screenings have free beer. Heh. Crazy how that works.